Proposal Team and CVs
Enhancing disabled people’s human agency in disaster preparedness

Why choose us

Disabled people are disproportionately affected by disaster. Often seen as ‘victims’, their human agency is overlooked.

This project will enhance their agency in coping with disasters through co-designing and testing a disability-led disaster planning model with disabled people, Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) and disability service providers (DSPs).With the motto “Nothing About Us Without Us” in mind, this project will be led by a team of disabled people and advocates for disability justice. 

We give a damn

Allen + Clarke is passionate about the difference we can make. Our company purpose is to “empower clients and communities to overcome the challenges facing society.” We believe that by working together and with others we can contribute to social change, improving people’s lives and wellbeing.  We see a strong connection between our values and the Agency Fund’s commitment to expanding human agency.

Meet the proposed team

Our proposed team has extensive expertise and experience in disability and disaster areas, research design, particularly participatory action research to produce transformative knowledge and make positive changes in society. With lived experience of disability, our team is passionate about making meaningful impacts on the lives and wellbeing of disabled people. 

Brendan Stevenson

Project role: Sponsor

Brendan is an experienced mixed method researcher. His expertise spans the areas of mental health, indigeneity and public health. He has extensive experience working with Māori communities and other cultural groups in NZ. He will provide strategic oversight of the project and ensure that our team has the capability and capacity to deliver high-quality products for each milestone. He will also provide technical support on engagement with cultural groups and quantitative workstream in the project.

Khanh Ton

Project role: Project Lead & Researcher

Khanh is a seasoned researcher with experience in public sector, private consultancy and academic research. He has over 10 years’ experience working with disabled people and advocating for their benefits and entitlements. He will be responsible for managing the project, obtaining approvals, literature review, data collection and analysis, writing of reports and papers.


Angela Desmarais

Project Role: Researcher

Angela is a senior consultant. She has lived experience of disability and extensive experience working disabled people and a strong network with Disabled People Organisations (DPO) such as Disabled Persons Assembly NZ. She will be the researcher and will be responsible for engagement and consultation with disabled people and their representative organisations.

Gretchen Good

Project Role: Technical Advisor

Gretchen is a senior lecturer at Massey University. She has lived experience of disability and profound academic expertise in disability with a focus on activity, independence, life satisfaction, and disaster risk reduction. She will provide technical support on disability issues in all phases of the project.