Partnership and engagement are at the heart of everything that we do.


We work with you to understand your organisation, your staff, your clients and your needs. We work with government organisations, NGOs, Māori and Pacific populations, and community groups to find out what really matters.

We will work with you in a collaborative, collegial way to help you get the most from your partnership + engagement requirements.

  • We place people at the centre – staff, consumers, whānau/family and communities.
  • We are inclusive. Partnership and genuine engagement are important to us.
  • ​We engage in a culturally safe way with Māori.
  • We engage in a culturally safe way with Pacific peoples and other communities.
  • We can work appropriately with minorities, sensitive communities, stakeholders with specific needs or diverse stakeholder groups.
  • We blend smart and innovative thinking with down-to-earth pragmatism.
  • ​We are collaborative. We leverage the insights, ability, energy and ideas of many.


We can help you engage with your key stakeholders and the community to get the best results for you project. We can lead or support you on a number of activities.

  • Undertaking a stakeholder mapping exercise so you understand who you need to engage with.
  • Developing a stakeholder engagement plan to help guide a seamless engagement process.
  • Engaging and consulting with diverse stakeholder groups to inform effective policy, legislative or regulatory development.
  • Designing surveys + questionnaires of all sizes, including large scale IDI surveys.
  • Drafting consultation documents to get input from your sector on a proposed change.
  • Analysing submissions as part of the policy + legislative processes.
  • Facilitating workshops with your teams, stakeholders, or sector to understand things from their point of view.
  • Designing and hosting focus groups or interviews with the people you need to speak with to develop good policy.
  • Utilising inclusive methods of engagement to ensure it is easy for people to participate.

Matt Allen
Managing Partner
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