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Te Tiriti is part of what we do…

Allen + Clarke believes Te Tiriti o Waitangi is the foundational document of Aotearoa New Zealand, guiding and informing our work for our New Zealand clients.

Through our consulting work, Allen + Clarke has significantly contributed to improved social, cultural, environmental and economic conditions in Aotearoa New Zealand. Recognising the impact we have in our work, we are constantly striving to be a responsible partner with Māori in any work that overlaps with Māori rights and interests or impacts outcomes for Māori.

Allen + Clarke, like many other public and private sector agencies, is looking to improve how we build Te Titiri o Waitangi into our work.

We have embarked on a programme of improvement with our staff and our partners, establishing a Tangata Tiriti group internally that will help us develop our strategy and a work programme to:

  • Build all our staff’s ability to engage genuinely and well with Māori
  • Continuously strengthen our capacity to represent Māori goals and aspirations in our work
  • Support our Māori staff with their roles within Māori institutions like marae or rūnanga
  • Build partnerships with iwi and communities, and with other providers
  • Articulate how we, as an organisation, will strive to improve wellbeing for Māori.

While we are proud of the many projects we have engaged and partnered with Māori, we recognise this will be an ongoing journey of improvement. We think we can do more and better.