We partner with you to understand policy problems, design interventions, implement change and undertake evaluation and review.

Our goal is to support you to successfully deliver on your priorities.


We can help lead and support projects and work programmes requiring the services listed here. We regularly work in-house at our clients to provide additional capacity, but also provide external project support as needed.

  • Developing strategy, defining goals and outcomes, and setting objectives + actions
  • Defining the problem, gathering and assessing evidence, analysing policy options, and developing recommendations
  • Engaging and consulting with diverse stakeholder groups to inform effective policies and interventions
  • Producing core machinery of government deliverables – e.g. Ministerial briefings,
  • Cabinet papers, Select Committee reports, discussion documents, analyses of submissions
  • Reviewing legislation and working with you to design and implement best practice regulation – e.g. undertaking regulatory impact analysis
  • Managing change, reviewing your current ways of working, and strengthening your systems and processes to deliver better results
  • Implementing decisions, policies, and regulation – e.g. capability building and training, guidance development, and supporting compliance and enforcement
  • Evaluating and reviewing what is working and what is not – from rapid reviews to complex multi-year evaluations.

Jacqui Haggland
Practice Lead
027 449 2780
[email protected]

Jason Carpenter
Senior Consultant
021 192 7781
[email protected]