Strategy and governance define your organisation. A well-governed organisation has a clear vision and strategic direction, is transparent and responsive, and gets results. But this doesn’t happen by accident. Allen + Clarke will work with you to guide your organisation or programme to success.


  • Strategic planning – Strategy is everything! We will work with you on your strategic plan, including clearly defining goals, objectives, accountability, actions and measurable outcomes. We will develop a vision based on your values and the results you seek.
  • ​Best practice governance – We will review your governance needs and propose a model or revised approach tailored to your unique circumstances.
  • ​Governance processes – We provide governance policies and procedures, risk management advice, manage appointments to roles, and prepare corporate documents.
  • ​Implementation – We will support you to put in place policies and programmes, deploy and assign resources, develop tools and training, and undertake monitoring and reporting.
  • Smart change – We will help you design operating models, frameworks and ways of working to successfully implement change.
  • Evaluation – Has it worked? We will develop measures and monitor the effectiveness of implementation and what has been achieved.

Kelley Reeve
Lead Governance, Secretariat and Programmes
+64 21 598 719
[email protected]

Anton Davis
Senior Consultant
+64 21 198 4524
[email protected]